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When you go to get your headshots, publicity photos or any photos taken, it is important to dress and look

the part.  Here are a few guidelines for you before you walk out the door.



  • Wear clothes and colors that are flattering and have simple lines.  Anything too busy will take away from

  • your face and your image. 

  • Bring things that you can layer.  For instance, have a shirt and pants that is one look, but when you

  • add a jacket or vest it can change the look pretty easily and dramatically.

  • No t-shirts with graphics, wording or any images on it. 

  • If you are going to wear jewelry, then keep it simple.




  • Please wash your hair the day before, not the morning of.  This makes your hair more manageable.

  • Wear your hair to the headshots “camera ready”, the way that you would for an audition.  Not the time to try doing curls or straightening, if you don’t do those normally.

  • Do not get your hair colored or cut the same week.  It takes a good week for those two things to settle in.  Plus, if you have changed your hair for a different look, you need to give yourself a chance to play with it and see what works for you.  This will make you feel much more comfortable.

  • If your eyebrows need grooming, please do so 3-5 days prior to the headshots.



  • You can wash your hair that same day, unless your hair has a tendency to get dirty easily.  Then please wash the night before.

  • Wear your hair camera ready.  If there are specific products that you have to have, then please bring them.

  • If needed, please shave that morning.



  • Do not do any tanning, waxing or facials up to 3-5 days prior to the headshots.  If anything happens to give you an allergic reaction, then you want time to heal.  Also, just like a new haircut or color, these things need to settle into your skin.

  • Do your normal skin care regimen that morning.  Moisturizer will help the makeup look even better. 

  • If your lips are dry and cracking, put a chapstick or Vaseline on them then take a toothbrush and brush your lips.  This will exfoliate and moisturize them in one step.  If you have an exfoliator with beads, go ahead and use that.



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