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I have been in the industry for over 25 years. It still excites me and I am still a junkie and get thrilled by a new palette or finding a new cleanser. I feel like I am constantly studying and cramming for an exam with all of the various apps and ads that are now at our fingertips with the latest technology, ingredients and products and I want to be knowledgeable enough about to share with my clients. It still amazes me how quickly it morphs and evolves throughout the years. I make it part of my work to try to keep up with the latest trends, products, and techniques.


I would probably be deemed more of a "success" because I made a certain amount of money or the amount of covers that my work may show up on. Instead I have found that my success has been measured by the number of people that still call me when they are overwhelmed in a cosmetic aisle of a drugstore. Or when the director that I met in my rookie year 25 years ago, calls me again for a photo shoot or refers me to another director. Or when a client purchases something because I suggested it as one of my favorites, merely because I suggested it and they wind up loving it. I like being the Aesthetic Gypsy that I have become and helping those wherever I go. I don't have all the answers, but I do know I will try and find them. I look to my clients to help me help others. Sometimes they are the best teachers. I started out, as many other 6 year-olds, with Barbie makeup that thought she was gorgeous in blue eyeshadow (and has since learned otherwise).


So thank you to those of you that continue to invite me into your shopping bag and aisles, and your brains and allowing me to help you when you are in your "beauty crisis". Thank you for entrusting me with your lovely eyebrows and your epidermis. Together we can have smooth texture, concealed circles and a long-lasting 'foundation of you' as possible.





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