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If you have been reading magazines or out shopping, you may be seeing products such as the ones like these below.  

These are the newest beauty must-haves on the market.  Move over tinted moisturizers - now there is the BB

cream, or Beauty Balms, with a much bigger bang for your buck.  They are equal parts tinted moisturizer,

SPF, mattifier, anti-ager originating in Asia in 2001.  So far the reviews have been favorable.  The top

contenders are the Clinique, Dr. Jart and Dior and Estee Lauder.  If you have tried any of the newest BB

creams, send me a review.  I always like to pass on information to my clients.



                                    Here are links to some great websites for all your beauty needs:

                           - minis for travel from low to high-end brands.

                           - High-endbeauty boutique with a clearance section and free samples with all orders.

                           - get customized hair color at your door by answering a few simple questions.  Prices start at $20!

                           - tailored eye creams, body scrubs, etc., to your skin type with custom scents
                           - if you are into organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly packaging, then this is for you!


I get asked all the time about how how long to keep certain items of makeup, so I decided to compile a reference list for you to use and refresh your look and your drawer.

  • Creams/Cleansers - 1 year

  • Serums - 6 months

  • Liquid Foundations - 6 months (if tube), 2 months in a bottle

  • Concealer - 3 months

  • Loose powder - 2 years

  • Pressed powder - 18 months

  • Eyeshadow - 2 years (powder or cream)

  • Mascara - 3 months

  • Eyeliner - 3 years (pencils), 2 months (cream/liquid)

  • Blush - 2 years (powder), 2 months (cream)

  • Nail polish - 1 year

  • SPF - 2 years

TAKE FIVE!  Makeup-on-the-Go 

These are (in my opinion) the items that can give you the quickest fresh face - in order of importance.  Of course, there are so many great items out there, so if you have found something that works for you - great.  These are just suggestions I have used if you need them.


1. CONCEALER - find a color one shade lighter than your skin tone.  Apply in any areas you need to even out your skin tone.  This includes your eyelids - you will be amazed at how rested and refreshed you look. 

My picks: for the fastest application are The Balm, Benefit Boi-ing, Amazing Concealer, Maybelline 24-hour stay concealer (20-30 seconds)


2.  BLUSH - or what I call "what every woman should and could use".  Blush is the one item that can make any woman look healthier and fresher.  It also has a way to make your skin appear brighter and even. Choose a color that is the same shade as you get when you work out or go out in the sun for 10 minutes.   (10-15 seconds)

My picks: Benefit in Dallas or CORALista, L'Oreal True Match Barely Blushing or Apricot Kiss, Maybelline Dream Mousse in Rose Petal  


3.  MASCARA - get a mascara in a black/brown that has a great brush and can do a lot in a just moments.  If you don't have time to curl them, then find one that is volumizing AND lengthening. (30 seconds) 

My picks: Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes, L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen, Revlon Grow Luscious Lashes, L'Oreal Butterfly Effects


4. LIPS - throw on a sheer, tinted gloss and enjoy your day

My picks: L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss, Bare Esentuals  Buxom Gloss or 100% Natural Gloss, The Balm lip gloss, Philosophy lipgloss


5.  FOUNDATION - find something that is double duty like a tinted moisturizer with an SPF, a BB or CC cream or a mineral powder that you can just whisk across your face (30-40 seconds)  

My picks: Laura Mercier tinted foundation in SPF 20, Tarte BB primer or cream, Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, Amazing Cosmetics mineral powder, Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Powder, Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation



Eyeshadow -  You only need one shade of shadow in a taupe/bronze/light brown shade, which is complimentary to all skin tones and eye shades.  You can apply just in the crease, or apply all over the lid to just slightly above the crease.  For more intense color, you can layer or go over with the same color in the crease to add more drama.  

My picks:  LORAC in Bronze, Smashbox in Nude or Sable, NYX in True Taupe, Rimmel London in Dusk or Spicy Bronze  (20-30 seconds)


Eyeliner - use a basic brown or bronzy color on the top lash line as close to the roots as you can.  Don't worry about getting it on the wet lash line or not - that actually adds intensity and all the below are waterproof and long lasting. 

My picks: Stila Smudge Stick in Damsal or Lionfish, Make Up For Ever in Bronze/ Light Taupe or Light Brown, Almay in Brown Topaz, Revlon Waterproof liner in Brown


Brow Pencil - if you don't have prominent brows that have great color and shape (like me), then adding some color/texture to them can really be a defining moment in your day.  Brows are the most expressive thing we have on our face besides a smile. Choose a shade closest to the color of your hair.  So - express yourself! (30-40 seconds) 

My pick: Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On, Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow, Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil, Cover Girl Brow & Eye Makers


I'm asked all the time how to use the brush on the right.  It's attractive.  It looks luxurious, fancy - dare I say,  fantastical. 

But how in the world of makeup do I use it??

I love using this brush for blush, bronzer and illuminating powders.  It is especially handy for those that have a

heavy hand when applying the above.  If you just want a hint of color, want to build it or are afraid of applying

in fear of looking like a clown - then this could be the answer to a lovely, glow-from-within complexion.


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